Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Get involved in your professional association! Donate your time and expertise to help move the profession of massage therapy forward.

Volunteer for a Committee

Volunteer for one of our working committees, which include educational, operational and publications committees. These committees give you the opportunity to share your views and influence the direction of the RMTAO. Our committees require a wide variety of skills, and committee members work collaboratively online.

Volunteer for the Publications Review Panel

The Publication Review Panel is an operational committee that reviews RMTAO publications for relevancy to massage therapy and accuracy of massage therapy terminology and protocols. The publications include but are not limited to the following:
  • Massage Therapy Today: Putting Knowledge in to Practice (MTT)
  • RMTAO.com, RMTFind.com or any other web publishing vehicle instituted or managed by the RMTAO
  • Monographs, Best Practice Guidelines, and Case Studies published by or on behalf of the RMTAO.
The skills that are recommended for individuals sitting on the Panel include:
  • Well-versed in the standards of practice and competencies of the profession
  • Understand the regulatory model and how it functions
  • Internet access (to access the member support network) and feel comfortable expressing opinions to other committee members

Volunteer for the Education Advisory Committee

The responsibilities of the Education Advisory Committee include:
  • Providing support and guidance to the development process. Specifically, the Education Advisory Committee will provide advice and recommendations on the overall development and implementation of an education program that meets the objectives set by the Board of Directors.
  • Reviewing and providing recommendations on RMTAO Request for Proposals for the immediate delivery of education programming in partnership with existing education producers or organizations/individuals who have content ready for delivery.
  • Reviewing proposals submitted by organizations/individuals for the development of RMTAO-owned education content.
  • Reviewing content outlines to ensure it meets the standards of practice and competencies of the profession.
  • Acting as a peer review team for the education content and workbooks developed and guiding the revision process.
  • Providing recommendations for content for the RMTAO's Education Conference.
We believe the individuals best suited for this role are members who have:
  • An extensive knowledge of the Standards of Practice and Competencies of the profession, as well as the regulatory model for the profession.
  • A commitment to the objectives set by the Board, including client centered and evidence informed care, continuing competency, life-long learning and professionalism.
  • Knowledge of continuing education and adult learning styles.
  • Knowledge of individuals or the ability to research and locate individuals who may be best suited to develop desired programming.
  • The ability to critically analyze information presented against established criteria and report back with their analysis.
  • Access to high speed internet.
  • The ability to comfortably express opinions to other committee members.

Write for a Publication

Massage Therapy Today: Putting Knowledge Into Practice is our quarterly magazine that provides research-based articles on themes of interest to Registered Massage Therapists. The themes are chosen in advance, and we are always seeking members willing to submit articles for the publication.

Volunteer for Community-Based Networks

Community-Based Networks (CBNs)  are meetings of Registered Massage Therapists that provide opportunities for networking, education, social and skill development activities. CBNs allow you and your fellow RMTs to share knowledge and seek support. Find out more about CBNs. If there is no community-based network near you, start one! Contact us and we will help you get started.

Why Volunteer

As a volunteer, you can gain interpersonal and communications skills, share your knowledge with your fellow RMTs and help support your professional association. If you have any other ideas for ways you would like to volunteer, don't hesitate to share them! Having an active membership that contributes and interacts is one of the ways we can strengthen the Association and the profession.


If you would like to support your professional association in any of the above ways, contact us at info@rmtao.com.