Advocacy - Our Goals

Our Goals

The RMTAO Board of Directors has developed a Strategic Plan outlining the areas of strategic priority for the RMTAO including advocacy, research, education and communications. This plan also outlines the strategic goals that the RMTAO is working towards over the next few years.

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We have three main goals relating to advocacy for the profession of massage therapy in Ontario.


  • Government - To engage with the government to promote the importance of massage therapy for the health and well-being of Canadians and push for the general interests of RMTs in Ontario.
  • Inter-professional Collaboration - Connect with other healthcare professions to position massage therapy as a strong complement to other healthcare services and become part of the circle of care of patients.
  • Insurance - Engage with insurance companies to educate them on the importance of massage therapy for health and wellness of Canadians and uphold the interests of RMTs.

Visit Our Actions page to learn about the progress we have made towards our goals.