Provide Your Support

Provide Your Support

If you have any questions or concerns about our advocacy efforts, you can contact our Executive Director, Michael Feraday at

You can offer your support more directly by volunteering for our Government Relations Committee. Often the government, as well as insurance companies and other groups want to hear directly from the experience of RMTs to support our advocacy efforts on behalf of the massage therapy profession. That’s where the Government Relations Committee comes in!

To join the Government Relations Committee you should have:

  • An extensive knowledge of the Standards of Practice and Competencies of the profession, as well as the regulatory model for the profession.
  • Knowledge of and experience with important issues that impact the massage therapy profession relating to the government, the insurance industry, educational institutions, the regulator, other health professionals and the public.
  • Comfort with public speaking and willingness to actively participate in meetings, comfortably expressing your opinion to other committee members.
  • The ability to critically analyze information presented against established criteria and report back with their analysis.

Meetings will all be virtual and be held on an as-needed basis with ample warning to committee participants. If you are interested, contact the RMTAO at