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  • Meet Paddi

    After a hip injury, Paddi experienced pain in her left hip that took over a year and a half to subside, without receiving treatment. This pain interrupted almost all of her physical activity and made … more

  • Meet Kathie

    Kathie experienced neck pain for at least 15 years – first made worse from her years working in potentially uncomfortable positions sitting at a desk, and after she retired it was further aggravated … more

  • Meet Carol

    Carol has been able to try new things, like surfing in Hawaii.

    Carol, 55, likes to remain active and she relies on massage therapy to help her continue doing what she loves.

    Her work as a Line … more

  • Meet Karen

    Karen can continue hiking, biking, skiing, and loving the great outdoors.

    Karen first tried massage therapy thirty years ago after a car accident. Karen has been able to remain active in a variety … more

  • Meet Gabor

    Gabor had crippling back pain, but now enjoys horseback riding.

    Gabor, a 44 year old data analyst, had back pain so severe that he was having trouble doing many everyday tasks, like driving and … more

  • Meet Nicole

    As a Dental Hygienist, Nicole keeps people smiling. She's still smiling after 36 years in her physically demanding career thanks to massage therapy.

    Nicole, who has been a Registered Dental … more

  • Meet Tracee

    Tracee takes care of herself so she can care for others.

    Tracee, 44, started getting massage therapy for help with her hip pain at the suggestion of her chiropractor over 15 years ago. From the … more

  • Meet Wendy

    Wendy was a single mom, working in a high-stress job with little down time. She sought massage therapy to help her get through.

    As a single mom of two kids and working for 34 years in a high stress … more

  • Meet Tracy

    Tracy learned that massage was more than a frivolous treat when it helped her with her fibromyalgia and double mastectomy.

    When Tracy, 61, first started getting massages over 30 years ago, she … more