Meet Kathie


Kathie experienced neck pain for at least 15 years – first made worse from her years working in potentially uncomfortable positions sitting at a desk, and after she retired it was further aggravated by watching TV on her phone or iPad. The pain would radiate to her ear, cheek and jaw, and would prevent her from being able to participate in her normal daily activities.

She has been having massage therapy treatments for at least the past 15 years, and she has found that massage therapy treatments have consistently helped relieve her pain and helped her perform her everyday activities.

“I want to be pain free and I am making progress,” Kathie said. “I’m much more aware of my posture, how I move and I use my screens - including watching TV.”

During the initial two months of the COVID-19 pandemic Kathie was watching more TV than usual on her phone or iPad, both to watch the Prime Minister’s updates every day and to fill her additional free time. She found that this made her pain worse, especially because she was unable to access regular massage therapy treatments at the time. She saw her family physician at the time, but she was only able to find relief once she could continue her massage therapy treatments.

“I needed help to find out what was causing the pain and to help correct it,” Kathie said. “My massage therapist determined the problem, treated the cause and explained fully what the problem was and how to manage it.”

Kathie has felt comfortable with the protocols her RMT, and all RMTs are following to help stop the spread of COVID-19. She was comfortable wearing a mask and pleased that her RMT was also wearing one. She would tell anyone hesitant to visit their RMT during the pandemic that RMTs make safety for themselves and their patients a priority.

“I feel that my massage therapist has the proper protocol required to address COVID issues,” Kathie said. “I trust this person with my body and therefore I trust she’s doing what’s right for my safety and hers.”

Kathie has always appreciated the relief and relaxation she gets from massage therapy treatments, and the knowledge her massage therapist provides her each time. She came to appreciate that even more when she could not access massage therapy treatments during the first two months of the pandemic, and is happy massage therapists could reopen when they did.

“People need something positive,” Kathie said. “Some people have chronic pain that needs regular care and it’s important to take care of yourself.”

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