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  • Massage Therapy for Temporomandibular Disorders

    Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) are not particularly uncommon, affecting up to 15% of adults and 7% of adolescents.  Symptoms can include jaw pain, jaw stiffness or even locking and clicking of the … more

  • Massage therapy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Carpal tunnel syndrome, caused by compression of the median nerve within the carpal tunnel, is the most prevalent peripheral nerve entrapment disease, affecting around 5% of the population. Certain … more

  • Massage Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis

    Multiple sclerosis is a chronic, inflammatory, immune-mediated disease of the central nervous system and affects over 2 million people worldwide. There are a variety of symptoms people with multiple … more

  • Martha's Story

    Martha originally began massage therapy treatment nearly 20 years ago for tension in her lower back. However, she found the most significant benefit from massage therapy after starting treatment for … more

  • Gabrielle's Story

    Gabrielle tried a lot of different things for her chronic hip pain, which was affecting her back, before she found massage therapy.

    Massage therapy has been beneficial for her right away, and after … more

  • Sam's Story

    As an industrial climber (think rock climbing but in an industrial setting), Sam puts a lot of strain on different parts of his body. At work, the weight of his climbing harness puts a lot of strain … more

  • Tammy's Story

    After 61-year-old retired Registered Nurse Tammy heard about the potential benefits of massage therapy for her osteoarthritis from a coworker, she never looked back! She has been receiving regular … more

  • Colleen's Story

    Colleen had hip and lower back pain for almost two years, and the discomfort and worry it was causing began to wreak havoc on her mental health. It also meant that she was not able to be as active … more

  • LeeAnn's Story

    LeeAnn first began receiving massage therapy treatment over 25 years ago. She was a new wheelchair user, and as a result was experiencing pain and overuse injuries.

    Although massage therapy offered … more

  • Patti's Story

    After a severe car accident in 2003, Patti tried physiotherapy and several other different options to help manage the chronic pain she began to experience as a result. It was only massage therapy … more