Massage Therapy Awareness Week 2022

Massage Therapy Awareness Week 2022


Massage Therapy Awareness Week is October 23-29, 2022, and this year to celebrate the RMTAO will be focusing on the different ways massage therapy can get people back to the activities that are important to them. This could be getting back to a sport they love, getting back to work, getting more done around the house, and much more.

Some people are aware of some of the different conditions that can benefit from massage therapy, such as low back pain, but aren’t necessarily aware of the positive impacts massage therapy can have on their lives. We will be highlighting the positive impacts massage therapy has had on the lives of various people. We have also created several sample social media posts which you can share in your networks to help celebrate the positive impact that massage therapy can have.

RMTs are an important part of peoples’ health care teams and massage therapy can help people manage the symptoms of an illness or injury and actively participate in the activities they love with their friends and families. We are inviting people to share how massage therapy has helped them on their social media channels using the hashtag #MyRMTGotMeBack

By sharing these stories and spreading the word using our shareable social media posts, you are celebrating Massage Therapy Awareness Week, and helping massage therapy to be more accessible to more people.

The patients we will be highlighting this week have been positively impacted by massage therapy in a variety of ways, from getting back to competitive sports after concussions, to keeping up with a physically demanding job as a police constable, to keeping active as they age, to participating actively in their own recovery from injury. These patients all highlight the important role that massage therapy plays in their healthcare and in their lives.

“RMTs play an important part in their patients’ health care teams, and it’s essential in helping people continue in the activities that are important to them,” said Michael Feraday, Executive Director and CEO of the RMTAO. “Massage therapy can help with the rehabilitation of a variety of injuries and pain associated with a variety of conditions and in a variety of circumstances, and this week we’re highlighting the ways RMTs have been able to have a positive impact on their patients’ healthcare and on their lives.”

RMTs are regulated health professionals, and they can adapt their treatments for individuals of all ages and conditions. Research has shown that massage therapy is a valuable treatment option for musculoskeletal pain caused by a variety of conditions and can help people improve their mobility. RMTs work closely with other healthcare professionals to achieve positive outcomes for their patients, including some of the outcomes discussed in the stories we’re sharing this week.

This Massage Therapy Awareness Week, we will be highlighting patients who, thanks to massage therapy, have been able to continue in activities they love. We are inviting our audience to share their story of how massage therapy has helped them get back to doing what they love by using the hashtag #MyRMTGotMeBack, as well as the hashtag #MTAW to join the celebration. Our shareable social media posts shared throughout the week, as well as in advance of Massage Therapy Awareness Week on our website, will help our members celebrate Massage Therapy Awareness Week in their practices and in their communities. Visit us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and share all our Massage Therapy Awareness Week posts with your networks to spread the word about all of the benefits of massage therapy.

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