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  • Massage Therapy for Stress and Anxiety

    Many people seek out massage therapy for the sense of relaxation it brings them. They feel a sense of calm and peace of mind from both the tranquil atmosphere and the treatment itself. However, if … more

  • Massage Therapy and Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is a very exciting time, but can also be demanding on the body. The changing body brings with it aches and pains, including back pain, leg and foot pain, and other muscle pains. Massage … more

  • Massage Therapy and Sports

    From beginners to elite athletes, massage therapy has been shown to be effective for athletes of all levels of participation and ability in their chosen sport. Massage therapy treatments can help … more

  • Massage Therapy for Seniors

    As baby boomers reach the age of 65 and beyond, there is an increasing number of senior citizens in Canada. As a result, many healthcare practitioners are focusing specifically on seniors’ health … more

  • Massage Therapy for Chronic Pain

    Pain is often associated with some injury or illness, and it’s assumed by many people to be a temporary state. But for some people, pain is a frequent part of their everyday lives. Chronic pain is … more

  • Regulatory Colleges Explore Clinic Regulation

    TORONTO, ON., August 20, 2015 - The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) has announced that, along with the regulatory colleges of eight other health professions, they will be involved in … more