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External Course Listings

The External Course Listings Program features education courses and workshops for RMTs that are hosted and arranged by external course providers across Canada. This program will provide RMTs an opportunity to explore topics that within the scope of massage therapy and topics that are complementary to massage therapy.


RMTAO will allow course providers to post a listing on our website for a monthly fee of $130 for members and $150 for non-members.

This program provides external course providers the opportunity to gain access to the RMTAO’s established network of the RMT community.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Potential interest of RMTs in the topic
  • Topics that are within the scope of practice of massage therapy, or those that are complementary to massage therapy
  • Each listing to be submitted for one specific course with a specific date and time
  • Course should be focused on an evidence-based topic
  • The presenter should have proven background/expertise on the topic indicated in the listing


Please note that all External Course Listing submissions will only be reviewed once payment has been received in full. All listing submissions are subject to review and approval by the RMTAO. If a listing is not approved, a refund will be issued by the RMTAO. During the review process, the RMTAO may seek clarification or make any required changes.

Please allow two (2) business days for the review and approval process. Notification of approval will be provided by e-mail. All postings are for 28 days from date of approval.

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