LeeAnn's Story


LeeAnn first began receiving massage therapy treatment over 25 years ago. She was a new wheelchair user, and as a result was experiencing pain and overuse injuries.

Although massage therapy offered some relief, she continued to participate in sports in her wheelchair, like marathons, which caused some pain and discomfort. She now accesses massage therapy care to help her with age-related aches and pains, and finds massage therapy remains very beneficial.

“I am able to engage in activities more fully and am often more graceful because of improved joint articulation and reduced pain,” LeeAnn said, “I feel more confident and safe in my movement through the world.”

Massage therapy also helps LeeAnn reduce her pain and helps her feel more calm and mentally at ease. She also finds that her massage therapy gives her the opportunity to really get in touch with her body and its signals.

“Massage therapy has many benefits, beginning with the slowing down, resting and witnessing my body, a rarity in our fast paced culture,” LeeAnn said.

LeeAnn with her dogs LeeAnn intends to continue with massage therapy as long as she can, because she finds it helps her to participate fully in the activities that she loves. While it does help her with stress, she primarily seeks massage therapy care to help maintain her mobility.

“Without massage therapy I would experience continued symptoms of stress and pain, for example, tension, immobility and joint pain,” LeeAnn said. “This would impede my ability to fully participate in life in its full expression.”

LeeAnn finds that her RMT has skills to create a safe, open, and empowering environment for interaction, and she would encourage others to talk to an RMT further about their particular concern, since she understand that massage therapy is a very effective form of care for many issues.

She notices the effects of massage therapy immediately after her appointment.

“My favourite part of my massage therapy care is witnessing the changes within my body like the various points of pressure release, the feeling of lengthening of muscles and the increase in mobility,” LeeAnn said.

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