Member Testimonials

Member Testimonials

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There are a lot of great reasons to join the RMTAO, but no one can tell you why you should join better than some of our amazing members. Below are some dedicated RMTAO members sharing what they like best about RMTAO membership.

From developing a professional community, to supporting advocacy efforts, to enjoying educational opportunities, to accessing helpful resources, RMTAO membership has something for everyone!

You can learn more about the benefits of membership, and if you’re ready to join, you can join online

"Being a member of the RMTAO feels like a visit to your grandparent's house; they welcome you in with open arms, they are truly interested in your wellbeing, they are wise and able to answer any question you have, and when you leave you feel better off for your time with them. Thanks for having my back!" 

Heidi Bigl, RMTAO member since 2022 

“There are many things I admire about the RMTAO. First of all their advocacy and public representation of RMTs over the past few years has been critical in acknowledgement as a registered health care profession. The benefits of membership are incredible. Also, their education and research that is published on a weekly/monthly/quarterly basis is exceptional. I also love how accessible everything is.”

 Miriam, RMTAO member since 2021

“I've been a member of the RMATO since becoming a registered massage therapist in 2018. My RMTAO membership has provided helpful legal advice when needed, many discounts that I take advantage of including Mark's and ClinicSense, interesting bite-sized webinars, and wonderful resources for client and business management. The RMTAO continuously advocates for us RMTs and I wouldn't be where I am in my career today without the RMTAO.”

Keeley Shantz, RMTAO member since 2018 

“My favourite part about my RMTAO membership is that I have a trusted community to seek information to share with my clients or the public. I love how easy it is to find and repost a beautiful infographic, professional article, or even find reminders and resources for myself to reflect on.  As I grow in my business, the RMTAO is a main component in my success.”

Stephanie Swarts, RMTAO member since 2022

“I love having a professional body advocating for RMTS and getting regular, detailed updates on what is happening. I have also taken advantage of the online webinars. They have been relevant, informative and affordable. I love that the webinars are only an hour or so long. It allows me to learn and stay informed from the comfort of my office and then carry on with my work day.”

Nicole Boyd, RMTAO member since 2016

“In a career where so many of us are self-employed or spend limited time face-to-face with colleagues, it's been such a blessing to have access to community and relevant news through my RMTAO membership. It has allowed me to stay up to date on current topics for Ontario and Canadian RMTs, research, and opportunities to take part in events. Discounts and exclusive offers are the added bonus!”

Sandra Wilson, RMTAO member since 2023

“My favourite part of being a member is having a voice.  I think it’s important we have a voice and the RMTAO stands behind us, advocates for us, keeps us informed and unified.  I found out about RMTAO in massage school and have never looked back!  You are a blessing to us all.  The cost of being a member is minimal and all the other perks you offer are simply an amazing bonus.”

Jackie Jamieson, RMTAO member since 2009

“I am so pleased with being a member of the RMTAO. Being a member here makes me feel confident and supported as a Registered Massage Therapist. I feel like I can come freely with questions and have answers fairly quickly regarding the profession. The resource library is very helpful and has come in handy so many times. I love that there are advocates here for the profession, and someone is giving us a voice in the profession.”

Courtney Ruckle, RMTAO member since 2009